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A Grad's Guide to Freelancing (Infographic)

Is it possible for recent grads to go straight into freelancing?

Most people go freelance after a long period of “regular” work, which allows them to build a portfolio and get “industry contacts” and all that jazz. Recent grads often assume they don’t have the portfolio, experience, or connections to start freelancing right away.

Instead, they turn to (unpaid) internships to beef up their resumes. I did that. Most people I know did that. But wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to?

Turns out, it IS possible to start freelancing right after college and have your dream career now. But to do so, you have to ignore everything everyone tells you about the terrible economy, how unworthy you are, and how many more experienced people there are out there. In the coming weeks, we’ll be featuring young people who went straight into freelancing on this blog. Stay tuned for their stories.

Below is an infographic fresh out of the UK with stats about how great freelancing is, and how grads should consider it a serious career option.

We hope you send this little ray of sunshine to any unsatisfied college grad or entrepreneurial college students on your list.

Source: Freelance Advisor