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Yay, sisterhood! A homemade mug story

This fall, we asked freelancers to send us a picture of their favorite at-work mugs. Here's Erin's story. Tea isn't the only thing that warms this freelancer up when she uses this mug!

Name: Erin Upton-Cosulich

Occupation: Freelance writer/editor


**Your mug story: **My sister Cory is a ceramic artist, and this mug reflects her beautiful, earthy spirit. The outside has imprints of early summer peonies, and the turquoise interior is soothing. Each morning when I drink my ginger tea, I am warmed not only by the tea but by thoughts of our sisterly bond. She is such a creatively charged, wise soul, and thinking of her gives me the confidence and peace of mind that I need to do my best writing. I'm including her website instead of mine, because more of the world should know about her lovingly created art!