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Winners Announced! We Are Builders Contest

We have a winner! Make that winners!

We are so psyched about all your ideas for how to use our “freelancer hall” -- you had some fantastic ideas, and we are thrilled that you’re helping build the next chapter of Freelancers Union.

In fact, we’re so thrilled that we decided to host not only the winning event, but the runner-up, too!

The grand prize winner with the most votes was Debra Ziss, with her Creative/Business Mixer idea. Congrats, Miss Ziss! We’re going to host this mixer as one of our first events in the brand new freelancer hall on Maiden Lane in Manhattan, which opens in January. The event will be a great opportunity to get a variety of people together, plus it’ll allow business people to find freelancers to work with. Stay tuned for more details!

The second top-vote getter was Heather Van De Mark and Nathan King’s idea for a Social Good Think-Tank -- congrats, guys! We just couldn’t let such a great idea go, and we look forward to working together to make that event come to life. We are hoping to host this event in our our freelancer hall in Brooklyn on December 3! Stay tuned for more details.

Thanks again to all who submitted ideas and voted -- we love your enthusiasm, and hope to see you all at our freelancer halls in December and January as we support the winners!