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Vote Now: Our Next Event, Built Together

Last week, we asked New York freelancers what kind of event they’d like to throw in the nation’s first “freelancer hall” in Brooklyn. We were overwhelmed with the quantity and quality of the responses! Of course, our members are all smart, creative entrepreneurs and business owners, so that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

A panel of freelancers, including Ilise Benun, Ina Chang, and Joseph Caserto, helped look through the entries and pick their favorite three ideas.

Now it’s your turn: tell us what event you want in the comments section of this post, and we’ll host it! You have until EOD Wednesday, October 30 to vote. We’ll announce the winner on October 30.

Don’t forget to check back to see who won and to listen out for your chance to attend the event.

  1. Art Exhibit. The theme would be "One Small Step," reflecting the courage to take the step and go out on your own freelancing. Throughout the show there could be demonstrations and discussions focused around freelance issues. (Chris Leib)
  2. Social Good Think-Tank. A gathering of like-minded people looking to solve looming social problems. A lot of freelancers have goals that go beyond material/financial success. This would be a structured networking event with an opportunity to break into small groups to discuss different issues. (Nathan King, Heather van de Mark)
  3. Creative/Business Mixer. An event that puts freelancers working in the creative field as artists, illustrators, designers or crafters (to name a few) with freelancers in the business field, such as agents, printers, PR/social media, business management, accounting, law/mediation and ideally, investors. (Debra Ziss)

Vote in the comments below! If you prefer, you can also email your favorite to we-are-builders [at]

Thanks again to our panel and to all the freelancers who are helping to shape the future of the freelance community in New York.

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