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Keep Calm and Carry On

Mugs not only hold important and delicious things, but can serve as useful reminders of the important things in life.

Take this mug from freelance graphic designer Joseph Caserto. While so many things threaten to make our freelance lives unhappy, it's helpful to remember that we just need to keep moving along!

Name: Joseph Caserto

Occupation: Graphic Designer, Educator, and Consultant (Also Freelancers Union Member Representative, 2011-13)

Website: http:/

Your mug story: I had some "life issues" going on this summer, and "Keep Calm and Carry On," the phrase from WW II British motivational posters, became one of my regular mantras as I was dealing with them. Naturally, when I saw these mugs in the Morgan Library & Museum gift shop, they got my attention, so I took this photo and posted it on Facebook. A few days later, a package arrived from my friend, Jessica, who lives in the SF area. Inside was a Keep Calm mug of my very own—which I'm using as I write this—and instructions to, "just do what the mug says!"