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9 Awesome Office Things to Geek Out Over

We admit, we get really excited about office accessories. Especially when we work from home, we want our desk space to feel like us and not like some industrial cubicle pilled with papers.

Here are 9 items 100% un-guaranteed to make you more productive, but 1000% guaranteed to make you smile whenever you look at them.

1. Memo-saurus

Rawr! I'm going to eat all your memos!

This T-Rex has a convenient space for notes in his back and can clamp anything - from a post-it to a photo to a pencil - in his terrifying jaws.

2. Mini Business Card File Cabinet

from ThinkGeek

They really should have put a hand next to this little piece of adorableness to give you a sense of its size. Perfect for holding business cards from all those networking events you go to.

3. Printable Today's Plan of Action Chart

from SamOsborneStore on Etsy

This actually looks really useful - much better than the little scraps of paper we scribble on and put all over our desk. Love the Must Do Today Or Else section.

4. Mini Succulent Terrariums

from ShopSucculents on Etsy

Did you know that office plants actually increase your productivity? Yeah, sounds a bit far-fetched, but even if you don't believe that - these are pretty, don't need sunlight, extremely hard to kill, and just $25 for 3.

5. Personal Assistant Organizer

from Knock Knock at ModCloth

This little notebook is a gem for freelancers who always have to keep track of business expenses. It's got a notebook inside (labelled "endless crap") and a six tabbed accordian file perfect for holding taxi stubs and gas receipts.

7. Penguin Paper Clips

Sending a contract to clients? Staples are so last decade. Add a funky, personal flair to your business docs with these fun, flippered friends.

8. Big Fabric Basket

This giant bag is just so useful. You have guests coming over, you want to show them your house, and your office is piled 2 feet deep with crud? Just shove it all into this pretty bag and put it on the side. Cleaning: over.

9. Tetris Desk Lamp

What is there to say about this piece of genius? You can stack them in any way you wish - and as soon as the tetris piece touches the other tetris pieces, they light up. But good news: layers don't vanish when rows are completed.

Got any geeky office swag to share?