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Is There a "Secret" to Work/Life Balance?

Despite the fact that you’ve taken control of your life and work and gone freelance, it’s highly possible that your life still sometimes sucks.

It’s highly possible because most peoples’ lives sometimes suck. And at those times - when you’re regretting going freelance, or are overloaded with work or worry - you start looking for some control over your life, some secret formula that balances running your own business and having a life.

We’re used to hearing that big, emotional overhauls are the solutions to our problems. Nigel Marsh thinks that’s almost always “rubbish.”

In this no-B.S. talk, Marsh talks about his story and how he found work/life balance. It’s not complicated or mysterious. It has something to do with giving up the desire to work to buy things you don’t need, to impress people you don’t like, and not waiting for something big to change. Listen in: