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Freelance 360°, A New Event Series

When we talk to freelancers, we often hear the same questions:

  • How can I keep my skills sharp?
  • How do other freelancers handle X issue?
  • Where do I meet other independent workers and entrepreneurs?

We are drawing upon our network of a quarter of a million independent workers to find you the answer.

This month, we’re launching a series of networking events and workshops called “Freelance 360°” – designed to support all aspects of your freelance life, from taxes to marketing to the fine art of relaxing.

Check out the full roster of events in NYC and Portland!

When we talk to freelancers, we hear that while there are lots of books and classes on how to start and run a business, there’s little support for how to become an expert freelancer.

So we invited small groups of freelancers to meet with us and tell us what kind of events would be useful to them. They brainstormed, talked about their successes and failures, commiserated about common challenges. The real-life stories we gleaned from these meetings will be the content we share with you.

These won’t be passive, sit-in-your-chair-and-take-notes events. We won’t bore you with lectures or give you a list of how-to’s. You’ll be walking around, sharing with other freelancers, and practicing real skills. Maybe you’ll learn a new skill like contract-writing or you’ll get a lead on a new client or you’ll practice how to stand up to troublesome clients.

Our networking events and workshops have started in NYC and Portland. Don’t live in/near there? We’re expanding to Austin, TX next, but if you know there’s a group of freelancers who’d love this type of event where you live, please let us know!

Remember, when you connect with other freelancers, you not only build new relationships and learn new things, you become part of a movement of independent workers who are shaping the future of our economy. We hope you join us.

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