Giant Mugs Hold More Happiness

Sep 27, 2013

For those of us who spend long hours at a desk in constant need of hyrdation or caffeination, the look and size of a mug is a matter of vital importance.

A great mug is crucial to at-desk happiness. But a BIG mug is quite simply a staggering feat of mug engineering. It can hold soup and cereal and other delicious items of High Snackable Value that fuel your freelance life.

This is why we appreciate Scott's mug. He's a freelance digital marketer and Freelancers Union member from the always-delightful state of Oregon, and you can follow him @scottybush.

**Name: **Scott Bush

Occupation: Freelance Digital Marketer


My mug story: On a Saturday morning walk to get coffee at Starbucks (no judging), I saw this beautifully designed mug sitting at a display table as I entered. At first, I thought I shouldn't spend the money on it, so I bought my coffee and left. However, the simplicity in design and its generous size (16oz!) kept me coming back to it and a couple weeks later, seeing it still sitting on that same display table, I dove in and made the purchase. I've never looked back and have loved it every day since.

Editor's Note: Upon further inquiry, it was discovered that * | R is the logo for Starbucks Reserve. Yay for good, clean logo design.

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