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Independent Work Goes Mainstream! (Infographics)

The evidence is clear: the independent workforce is growing - and it's good for the economy. This year, independent workers are more satisfied staying independent and continue to make significant contributions to our nation's economic growth.

Sometimes it's difficult to see how your day-to-day independent life is shaping the economy. You're actually part of a larger movement of workers across the country leaving "traditional" work, becoming their own bosses, and building new support systems for themselves (like benefits, services, and communities, which is what Freelancers Union is all about). But just in case you needed more evidence that you're not alone, here it is!

Last week, the MBO partners, a firm that provides consulting and other services for freelancers, released its annual report on the state of the independent workforce. Check out the full report here.

They've distilled the report into some great infographics, which we've shared with you here. We hope they're as interesting to you as they are to us.

Thanks again to MBO Partners for these great resources.