September 5, 1882, Union Square, NYC. Considered the first Labor Day celebration in the U.S. Organized by NY's Central Labor Union. About 10,000 people came.

The other day, I had a really interesting conversation with Matthew Bishop, of The Economist and Newswire.FM, about problem solving, democracy and freelancers.

He wrote a great article for Labor Day about the changing nature of work—something I’ve been talking about for a long time—and the challenges facing the new workforce.

He cited challenges like low wages, high technology and the quest to fulfill human potential. I'd probably add a few more to the list.

We covered a lot in our interview, including solutions. That’s where Freelancers Union came in--and our mission to bring independent workers together to harness our collective power.

Here’s a video clip:

“We’re in this era where we’re talking about the peer economy and collaborative consumption; there’s a whole new discussion about how people are coming together. Freelancers are a very special group, and they’re already coming together to start solving their own problems.”

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the new workforce?