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We Are What We Need

The world is changing in front of us. People are seeing they have access to a whole new set of choices and can remake the world around them the way they want it to be. Every day, more and more people wake up and are asking themselves, "How can I make my life work for me today?"

As more people ask themselves this question, a growing movement is taking shape. And, it’s independent workers that are leading this movement to "work for me." It’s independent workers that are free to make the changes they want each day. It’s independent workers that are free to innovate solutions that meet their needs. It’s independent workers that are working together to build networks of knowledge and support that enable their independence. It’s independent workers that are free to be freelance.

They're building this new way together through their networks, their connections, their passions, one gig at a time. They're reinventing the world, together. They are building a world where everyone has the opportunity to choose meaningful independence through interconnection. They're looking around at each other and saying, "We, the community, are what we need, to build the solutions that meet our needs.

What has been the result of this new consciousness? New sustainable institutions are arising that "work for me" and "work for we." These institutions are a movement towards "New Mutualism".

From freelance support groups to graphic design coops to mutual insurance companies like FIC, New Mutualist institutions big and small are rising to service the needs of 42 million independent workers. They are seeing beyond the horizon and laying a cornerstone for a new kind of economy just now coming into focus.

My promise is to empower the communities that are building these New Mutualist institutions.

My promise is to power this movement because #WeAreWhatWeNeed.

Sara Horowitz As the founder of Freelancers Union, Sara has been a voice for freelancers for over two decades.