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The Freelancer’s Bible: A Roadmap. A Reference. A Survival Guide.

The secret’s in the beehive. That’s really what Freelancers Union is about…and what my new book, The Freelancer’s Bible, is about, too.

We use the beehive in the Freelancers Union logo because it represents an ideal freelance world – a community of individuals where the well-being-of-all and the well-being-of-each are one.

It was the collective wisdom of the freelance beehive that made The Freelancer’s Bible possible.

From nearly two decades working on behalf of America’s growing freelance workforce – including our 200,000 members – I’ve learned a lot about what makes a successful freelancer. It’s about networks, contacts, contracts, kindness, and so much more.

I hope The Freelancer’s Bible, which officially launches November 13th, will give you the practical steps you’ll need to be more nimble, flexible, and successful. The book includes sections like:

  • Seven Start-up Steps
  • Building Your Portfolio
  • Getting Clients
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Managing Your Work and Your Life
  • 10 Steps to Retirement Planning

When you’re freelancing, some days it feels like you’re scrambling just to keep up. But on good days, it’s invigorating, liberating, and fun. And you wouldn’t trade your freelance life for anything.

I hope The Freelancer’s Bible will help you have many, many good days.

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Sara Horowitz As the founder of Freelancers Union, Sara has been a voice for freelancers for over two decades.