What Kind of Freelance Worker Are You?

Aug 30, 2012

Early birds, 9-5ers, night owls – we’ve all got our own schedules. What kind of freelance worker are you?

That’s the question we posed yesterday to our Facebook community, and it got a huge response. Over 70 freelancers weighed in on which work schedule works best for them. Here’s a breakdown of we learned.

Potential answers:

A) Early bird

B) 9-5er

C) Night owl

D) Nonstop

Independent workers are a dedicated bunch. By far, the most popular answer was D. D! That means you’re working around the clock, nonstop. Do we need to have a chat about the ever-important work-life balance? In the words of D-worker David Hopkins, “I work throughout the day and night. I would like to switch to being a 9-5er so when my wife gets home, I can put the work aside for a few hours.”

Speaking of families, several responders say they work around the family schedule. Freelancer Erin Brenner says, “Early bird is closest, but really it’s while the kids are sleeping, at school, or otherwise engaged.” On a similar note, responder Benjamin Clapp tends to work “All of the above…depends on the job and how often my kids need my attention.”

Some independent workers don’t fit with any one work schedule. We got a lot of “it depends…” and “All of the above!” Not to mention the suggestion to add an answer E) Random-er.

Our favorite contribution came from David Schlesinger, who introduced us to the 25/25 work schedule: “25 minutes of uninterrupted, undistracted, fully-focused work, and then 25 minutes of whatever-I-feel-like-doing.” Awesome.

To sum up, y’all need to take a break. Go ahead and relax while we pitch the 25/25 schedule to our boss.

Image via flickr.