Freelance Battle Wounds

Jul 20, 2012

Editor’s note: Guest blogger K.K. Apple is a freelance writer who has infiltrated the Freelancers Union office for a couple weeks to eat all the pretzels. She lives on the internet at

The other night while performing some jokes, I took a big fat fall. Luckily, it was kind of part of the show. Unluckily, the loving arms of a wooden stage cube caught me square on the chin.

After spilling a reasonable amount of blood on myself, the stage, and various paper towels, we decided to continue with the show. Because:

- We were only 5 minutes in.

- The show must go on etc., etc.

- WHY NOT?!? It’s just my face! There were band-aids!

Insert all hyperboles of leaving blood, sweat, and tears on the stage here. Did I mention the AC was broken?

Despite all band-aids and a great show, my chin needed actual medical attention. I headed to the always-exciting post-midnight ER. There is nothing like a healthy dose of sick/injured people and friendly/patient hospital staff to remind you how lucky you are to have access to health care.

While the (nicest, world’s best) physician assistant examined me, she asked me details about the accident, medical history, and how I make a living. “I’m a freelance writer,” I answered. Without skipping a beat, she asked: “Have you joined Freelancers Union yet?”

Either there’s a mole in the Beth Israel hospital system pushing information about Freelancers Union…or we’re reaching some listening ears.

It’s especially exciting to hear that kind of question come from someone in the medical community, as Freelancers Union is right in the thick of health care for independent workers. While I got poked, cleaned up, and stitched, I had plenty of time to be grateful for this (saintly, amazing) PA and the collective body of freelancers who have the Freelancers Union community as support. It’s a lot easier to throw your body around – literally, onstage or meta-metaphorically, in your work – when you feel like someone’s cheering for you.

Have you joined Freelancers Union yet?

Photo via flickr.