What Does Innovative Health Care Look Like?

Jul 18, 2012

Editor’s note: Guest blogger K.K. Apple is a freelance writer who has infiltrated the Freelancers Union office for a couple weeks to eat all the pretzels. She lives on the internet at kkapple.com.

After recent health care reform debates, it’s hard not to feel depressed by constant reminders of our broken health care system as we try to understand and fix it. We need some inspiration, some imagination. Where is the sports-style highlights reel of awesome feats in health innovation?!

Healthy Dose of Imagination might be just that, in infographic form. The site tells visual stories about how we can revolutionize health care, and then shows the real-life organizations and companies that are doing it right now.

By using design to keep the reader engaged, Healthy Dose of Imagination is able to demonstrate the scale and scope of reachable dreams like open-source software, helpful health communications, or clean water. The project comes from Collaborative Fund, which invests in other entrepreneurs who are making big moves on big ideas, like Kickstarter, Skillshare, and Massive Health.

Just as Freelancers Union has forged a path for independent workers with health insurance and other services, it’s exciting to see startups creating new models that address our health care struggles. These are tangible paths created in response to those looming big picture questions.

Healthy Dose of Imagination helps to visualize an important question about health care: Why not think big?