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Coworking Tastes Good

![](/content/ckeditor/2012/06/21/forage kitchen.png)At Freelancers Union, we get excited about food. Besides the food trucks we follow around Brooklyn, we know a lot of food co-ops and CSAs that are doing great work to provide collective resources for food and farms. And we'll gladly taste-test any of the treats coming out of nearby independent food makers.

We also know a lot of great coworking spaces, where freelancers and small businesses are coming together to share office walls, power supply, and skills. (Note to self: check out the member discounts for workspaces.)

But it wasn’t until recently that we heard of a collective space for food makers and food lovers: Forage Kitchen in San Francisco is developing one of the first coworking spaces for food. Jackpot.

Forage Kitchen’s plans to build a food community include kitchens to learn and cook in, office space to support new small businesses, and a café for all to enjoy the spoils. They even threw in a brewery for good measure.

It’s not just programmers and accountants who can benefit from shared offices – coworking spaces pool talent, resources, and passion to create many new kinds of working environments. And hopefully, in the case of Forage Kitchen, create some delicious lunch. Or food revolution. Or cupcakes. Or the first no-hands sandwich.

Keep up with Forage Kitchen’s process, and in the meantime, tell us some other unique coworking opportunities you’re excited about.

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