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Bigstock: Our Big New Discount

Calling all Freelancers Union members! Check out Bigstock, our latest discount for you.

With over 11 million photos, vectors, and illustrations in its library, Bigstock is one of the world’s leading royalty-free image providers. It’s especially great for freelance designers since its flexible per-image and credit image pricing helps them get high quality images quickly and at affordable rates.

A brand new Freelancers Union partner, Bigstock is offering our members 10 free image credits.

As the independent workforce has grown and matured, so, too, has the economy around it. Companies like Bigstock are part of a $250 billion slice of the economy tied to this new workforce. By partnering with us, Bigstock has demonstrated its commitment to the people who make the economy move, not just the dollars that flow behind them.

Bigstock is showing its commitment to the freelance community by:

  • Getting behind the movement to help freelancers get paid not played
  • Supporting the Freelancers Union Political Action Committee to drive legislative change
  • Providing discounts to its online library of professional quality photography and illustrations
  • Enhancing the opportunities for photographers and illustrators to sell their own work to other freelancers

Thanks, Bigstock!

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