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The World's Longest Thank You

Throughout the past month, the voices of freelancers have been building. Almost 4,000 freelancers added their unpaid wages totaling $15.9 million to the The World’s Longest Invoice and shared their stories on tumblr. On May 22, the conversation will come to a head as busloads of independent workers join Freelancers Union Founder Sara Horowitz in delivering the invoice to lawmakers.

Adding to the conversation is this group of forward thinking companies committed to supporting the independent workforce that their businesses serve. These companies know that their future success is tied to the well-being of the people behind the $250 billion economy growing around the new workforce, and they’re stepping up to show it.

  • LooseCubes: This global marketplace for freelance office space reached out to coworking spaces nationwide to help launch The World’s Longest Invoice.
  • ZenCash: This new web app that manages all the not-so-fun follow-up on your invoices is creating an educational video for freelancers explaining what to do if you get stiffed.
  • Bigstock: This online library of stock images used widely by freelancers donated image credits to freelancers participating in the launch of The World’s Longest Invoice.
  • Clients From Hell: This infamous and hilarious website wrote and published an array of sad but humorous unpaid wages stories that drew a ton of traffic to The World’s Longest Invoice.

We’d also like to thank the many other companies that contributed to the conversation about The World’s Longest Invoice. Without their support, this project would not have been such a huge success.

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