My First Week of Working from Home

May 2, 2012

Editor’s note: Guest blogger Joann Klimkiewicz is a writer and Freelancers Union member. This post originally appeared on her blog, where she covers writing, freelancing, and Polish culture.

1. No matter how tempting, do not indulge in the opening “host chat” segment on Live! with Kelly**. **Sure, you’ll tell yourself that you’ll settle at your desk by 9:15. But 9:15 fast becomes 9:45, and 9:45 somehow bleeds into the 11 o’clock hour with the ladies of The View. Before you know it, you’re knee deep in Judge Judy and self-loathing. Allow yourself the pre-9 a.m. joy that is yelling at The TODAY Show (“Show me the numbers that proves that’s a trend!” “Jenna Bush is not a reporter!”). But then it’s butt to chair by 9 a.m. or you’ll regret it.

**2. Pantless Tuesdays and Pajama Fridays might sound like a good idea, but for the love of God, put some clothes on. **I’ve heard freelancers espouse the joy of working from home in pajamas or boxers, but this is no way to launch yourself into a productive day. You’re subconsciously sending yourself the message that this is a sick day, or a lazy Sunday. And while you’re at it, wash your face and brush your teeth, will ya? (Yeah, I’m still working on those two.)

**3. Give yourself an alloted 40 minutes or so to get in your news reading, tweeting, facebooking, pinning and gchatting. Then shut it off, and get to work. **Otherwise you’ll find yourself lost in the black hole of the interwebs and social media. An hour of that and you’ll only feel the foggy haze and weight of guilt commonly associated with watching Jersey Shore marathons. Or eating one too many Krispy Kremes.

**4. Working from home does not mean working on your home. **It’s tempting. There’s a dishwasher to be unloaded, a pile of laundry to be folded. You’ve been meaning to organize that Tupperware cabinet. Don’t do it. Go ahead, tidy up your surroundings so you don’t feel psychologically cluttered. Make your bed, straighten your desk. Do what you need to dive into a productive day. But resist housecleaning. That’s what Saturdays are made for.

**5. It’s okay to take a break and go for a walk. **Yes, you feel some guilt around your new career move. You worry there may be a lot of Spam-and-Wonder Bread sandwiches in your future. You feel like you shouldn’t get up from your desk, that you haven’t earned a break until you earn your first check. Relax. Go get some fresh air. But for the love of God, just remember to put some pants on first.

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