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![](/content/ckeditor/2012/04/19/Sara headshot 2012.JPG)Wow. Since we kicked off the #GetPaidNotPlayed conversation yesterday with a simple question – What’s your worst deadbeat client story? – hundreds of freelancers have jumped in.

Their stories are shocking – from a guy who still hasn’t been paid for making a video of a couple’s Times Square marriage proposal to a deadbeat employer who was really a Hell’s Angels front.

It’s inspiring to see so much community emerge out of adversity. Jump in to the conversation to hear from freelancers who are sharing their hard-won wisdom and best advice.

Here are some stand-out tweets:

![](/content/ckeditor/2012/04/19/gpnp twitter 3.PNG)

![](/content/ckeditor/2012/04/19/gpnp twitter 2.PNG)

So what's your story? Tell me at @Sara_Horowitz or by using #GetPaidNotPlayed on Twitter. We're also hanging out on Freelancers Union’s Facebook page.

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