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The Freelance Life: Ways to Get Paid

The Freelance Life is our collection of member stories. It’s a resource that encourages you to celebrate your unique path and share what you’ve learned along the way – or benefit from the wisdom of others’ experiences. money.jpg Freelancers Union member Andrew Karp has been a successful independent worker for nearly two decades. While starting out as a software consultant was smooth sailing, he quickly ran into a common freelance roadblock: deadbeat clients. After years of navigating the system, he put on his writer’s hat to share his experiences with fellow members in The Freelance Life. In his story, Andrew condenses his wealth of knowledge and experience into 10 tips that will have you seeing dollar signs. His first recommendation is the often-repeated-but-always-valuable advice to use a contract for every gig (our very own Contract Creator can help you with that), and the rest of his suggestions range from hilarious to surprising. We promise they will constantly come in handy. Wanna find out what else Andrew has to say? Of course you do! And when you’re done reading, take a few minutes to share your own story. Let other members know about your challenges, triumphs, or why you chose the freelance life in the first place. Photo via Flickr

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