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Brooklyn’s 3rd Ward Introduces Coworking

Adding to the workspace possibilities for NYC-based freelancers, our friends over at 3rd Ward have just opened a brand-new coworking space. 3rd Ward’s new digs add the amenities of the modern office to their package of creative arts and design workspaces, completing what the New York Times calls a “D.I.Y Utopia.”

In order to celebrate the new space, we’re co-sponsoring an open house with 3rd Ward for freelancers, creatives, and independent workers of all varieties! This free event on Thursday, November 10, features tours and demos of all that goes on at 3rd Ward, networking opportunities galore, inspiring words about the growing freelance movement from our Advocacy and Policy Director, Althea Erickson, as well as complimentary snacks and drinks courtesy of Brooklyn Brewery! Be sure to RSVP to reserve your spot.

More from 3rd Ward about the workspace:

“Our 30,000 sq ft space is where ideas happen. The 3rd Ward membership base consists of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and wide-eyed newbies who cover nearly every creative field, including: photography, advertising, furniture design, graphic design, literary writing, computer programming, filmmaking, industrial design, fashion design, architecture, and more.

This is coworking for a new economy that values not the widgets you make, but the ideas you generate. At 3rd Ward, a social entrepreneur can partner with a circuitry genius. A 3D motion graphics artist can collaborate with an innovative jeweler. A web developer can discover an unexpected solution by experimenting in a welding class. We’re open 16 hours a day, seven days a week and are always a hive of activity. Membership starts at $149/mo for coworking and $299/mo for a dedicated desk, a great savings from other coworking spaces. In addition to desks and office services, all 3rd Ward coworking memberships include access to new Macs with all the latest design software, up to 25% off 200+/classes a quarter, and 50% off rates for the photo studios, wood shop, metal shop, and jewelry studio.”

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