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Doing Your Taxes this Weekend?

Just in case you’re doing your taxes this weekend, here’s a round up of hints and tips for creative freelancers. The Internal Revenue Service, has produced The Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop (a series of 9 videos) especially for the self employed. Watch them here. The FreshBooks blog has several posts this week dedicated to taxes. Here’s one, “Writeoffs for freelancers.” Our resident expert, June Walker, has a very handy table on her site with questions (and answers) in various tax-related categories. And on April 14, I’m giving the 3rd and final DesignCast in the series on How to Manage Your Money. I’ll be covering basics that you were probably never taught, such as:

  • Which of your “numbers” you should know at all times (to relieve stress)
  • Money habits to help control your finances (and relieve stress)
  • Which “metrics” you should be tracking to make sure you’re on track (and to relieve the stress of not knowing)
  • How to handle RFPs (and how to decide which ones to actually do)
  • How to tell a bad contract from a good contract (also to relieve stress)

- Ilise Benun

This great post originally appeared on the Creative Freelancer Blog.

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