Grow with Grace

Feb 3, 2011

**This great post originally appeared on the Creative Freelancer Blog. **

Dear Dyva: As a self-employed service provider (how gloriously vague is that? I could be a hooker! Who can say?), how can you gracefully sail through awkward growth spurts? I’ve reached a point where the number of people who’re interested in hiring me vastly outweighs the number of hours I’m willing to sit at a computer screen. I know my business needs to “grow” to meet swelling demands, but I’m not ready to become a boss, with minions and interns. And I’ve been told that cloning is painful and expensive. What’s a growing gal to do? Let me start with a from-the-rooftops WAHOOO!! Growing Gal! I’m proud of you and am so glad you are rocking worlds with so much aplomb that folks are lining up around the block. I sincerely trust you are taking time to celebrate your grandeur. Now, here are some with-love tips on how to scale with style. Keep It Fancy: This is the perfect time to up the ante. Double your rates, clarify your services. I wonder if part of your cloning conundrum stems from doing-it-all (for them). Are there elements of what you have been offering that can be eliminated entirely? Does it feel juicy to do some part of what you have been offering and ditch the rest? Just because you are good at something does not mean you have any business doing it. If the old outfit doesn’t fit the new, taller, in-demand you, ditch it and go for a sequined suit version of your biz. Work Sober: I have had a few growth spurts. On more than one occasion, I overindulged in the rush of having people clamoring for my attention. It diluted my purpose and when I was all high on the swell, it meant I could only produce in a half-way manner. The quality of my work zigged and zagged; I missed the fine details. It was not attractive. Find a sensible, foxy version of moderation for yourself and get some accountability around it. Grow with grace, girlie. -Dyana Valentine