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Election season comes early this year.

In just a few days, over 1,000 Freelancers Union members will have the opportunity to share their vision for New York by voting for their representatives in Albany. There are four special elections taking place on February 9 to replace state Assembly members in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, and Westchester counties. These are typically very low turnout elections, which makes your voice even more powerful (but only if you vote!). In the next few days, Freelancers Union’s Endorsement Committee will meet to review the candidates and their responses to our questionnaires and then make recommendations based on who best understands independent workers and their struggles. If you’re unsure which district you live in, click on the links below to look at the maps or go to the New York State Assembly’s website and do a district search. The following districts are holding special elections on February 9th: Suffolk County’s 3rd district, vacated by Democrat Patricia Eddington, Nassau County’s 15th district vacated by Rob Walker, Queens 24th district vacated by Mark Weprin, and finally Westchester County’s the 89th district vacated by Adam Bradley. Look for Freelancers Union’s endorsements next week, but until then, let us know if you see any yard signs or get a phone call in your neck of the woods!

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