We're for Mayor Mike!

Oct 22, 2009

I’m originally from Chicago and I grew up hearing the phrase, “vote early and often”. Now that was usually said tongue-in-cheek, (unless we’re talking about a former Governor who has a fantastic head of hair), but I digress. In New York City this election season has offered voters an opportunity to legally vote early and often, (up to three times in two months alone!), and help choose the leadership of NYC for the next four years. Last week, we announced our endorsement of Mayor Mike Bloomberg along with a host of candidates for citywide and council offices. Click here to find out who received Freelancers Union’s seal of approval. We’re endorsing Mike Bloomberg because he has a record of delivering on freelancer issues. Thanks to Mike Bloomberg’s leadership (and a campaign fueled by our awesome members) to cut the UBT, over 17,000 New York City freelancers will save up to $3,400 each year on their taxes. Mayor Bloomberg understands that our city’s economy depends on freelancers. With a partner at the top of city government, we have a powerful ally who is committed to working on an unemployment fund for freelancers, misclassification issues, and non-payment by deadbeat customers. Let’s show the Bloomberg campaign that freelancers are a constituency worth fighting for. *Sign up here to volunteer on our Freelancers Union Action Day, Thursday, October 29th. ** We understand that the Mayor’s policies on term limits and congestion pricing have been controversial to some, and we took that into account when our endorsement committee met. But ultimately we have to make the best choice for freelancers and our endorsement committee strongly believes that Mike Bloomberg is the only candidate who is committed to making New York City a model of freelancer-friendly policies. So what are you waiting for? Sign up here to volunteer on Thursday, October 29th and help make NYC a better place to make a living as an independent worker. Also, don’t forget to find where you vote on November 3, when polls are open from 6 a.m-9 p.m. *In a couple days I’ll post a mini-history on how our whole endorsements process, not even a year old, came to be!