Put 75,000 noses to the grind stone and people take notice.

Sep 22, 2009

Your hard work has again gotten the press interested in what Freelancers Union is doing around the 2009 NYC elections. Today, fellow Freelancers Union member and freelance journalist Lindsey McCormick published an in-depth look at our efforts to organize independent workers for this fall’s elections. Read the whole article in City Limits here. McCormick said the 2009 municipal races “marked the political debut of the Freelancers Union, which is trying to forge an identity as a force in local campaigns. Within the span of a few months this year, Freelancers Union members launched a Political Action Committee, endorsed 22 candidates and organized phone banks and canvass teams.” Our star volunteer Barbara Thau also talked about her experience as a volunteer calling other members: “I was really impressed. For freelancers, being informed is a matter of survival, because we don't have the safety net you get with a full-time job." McCormick says that “Such a politically active membership may explain why, despite the relatively modest size of its get out the vote operation, the Freelancers Union drew serious attention from candidates this election season. Every Democratic candidate for public advocate, and all but one of the comptroller candidates, attended the Union's member forum last July.” It is because of you that we’ve gotten this far and had such amazing success last Tuesday. Now, heading towards the 9/29 runoff we need you to volunteer this Saturday or on Election Day and make sure that we elect David Yassky as our next Comptroller and Bill de Blasio as our next Public Advocate.