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A Lot of Talk, and Some Action Too

What a great week to be talking about health care reform. On Monday, battling snowstorms and train schedules, Freelancers Union made its way to Washington D.C. – no, we weren’t invited for tea at the White House (yet?) – we were participating in the New America Foundation meeting, The New Health Insurance Marketplace. Sara Horowitz, our Executive Director, discussed how essential it is for individuals to access health insurance through groups. Grouping offers many benefits in the delivery of a health care plan, cost control, and promoting civil society. And we know from our surveys of independent workers that individuals would rather get their health insurance from such groups than through the government, an employer, or directly from a health insurance company. And all of D.C. was totally abuzz with health care news! With Kathleen Sebelius named as the new Daschle for Obama’s Health & Human Services cabinet spot, it feels like things might finally get rolling. The New America Foundation certainly feels optimistic about her, as does The New Republic. What’s your take?

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