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Liveblogging from Cocktails for a Cause

Tonight will see a number of firsts for Freelancers Union. For one, we are having Cocktails for a Cause, gathering New York freelancers to talk about the economy's effect on their livelihood and to develop our course of action. Tonight's conversation will incorporate our existing campaign to repeal the Unincorporated Business Tax, but it will also broaden and clarify our goals. The other first is that I am liveblogging from the event! That's one small step in the campaign, but it's a giant leap for this Freelancers Union staffer, who's relatively new to this game. It's 7 p.m. and people are starting to fill the bar. But even if you're not here, you're very much on our minds. Here goes! Carolyn P.S. Please forgive any slip-ups in style as I'm "shooting from the hip." I'll come back and clean up later! (And post photos.)

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