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Word is Spreading about UBT – Have You Spoken Up?

Phones were ringing all day at Freelancers Union offices in Brooklyn when Mayor Bloomberg announced his proposal to cut taxes for freelancers. I take back what I said about an un-sexy issue: this one's got legs. The news coverage points out that not only is the UBT generally unfair (see my double-dipping analogy below), but eliminating this tax will help protect the livelihoods of already vulnerable freelancers, whose ranks are surely swelling as jobs vanish. Both the New York Times and NY Post covered Bloomberg’s address and took special note of the UBT proposal (and they quote Sara Horowitz). As one commentary notes, this isn’t a done deal. So thanks to over 400 of you who contacted Bloomberg within 24 hours of getting our announcement. Take this chance if you haven’t already to remind Mayor Bloomberg you’re counting on him to make his proposal a reality. (Oh, and if you want to receive campaign announcements from us, sign in and edit your Subscriptions.)

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