Governor Paterson has proposed that youts (yeah, youts) up to age 29 to be covered as dependents on their parents’ insurance. Just a few months ago, Freelancers Union co-sponsored a public forum called Uninsured Young Adults in New York State. There are nearly one million of them. And while the New York Times says the state expects 10% of eligible people to take advantage of this, that’s still 80-freaking-thousand people! It’s great that Paterson and the state recognize this issue:

• 800,000 young adults (19-29) in NY aren’t insured • This saps the system when they use hospitals for doctors’ offices • Young people, already financially vulnerable, are at risk for huge financial burdens if they encounter a serious medical issue

Many of you will recall that awkward phase in life: You graduate from college, and the good life—insured at home by Mom & Dad, treated at college by Student Care—vanishes like a hermit crab into a seashell. Hellooo in there? My part-time bookstore gig doesn’t offer insurance—How am I supposed to see a doctor? Another great idea on Paterson’s list? Making Family Health Plus insurance available to those who aren’t eligible for Medicaid. Paterson: make it so. Get into a game of one-upsmanship with Obama.