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Does this blog make me look bad?

Like many of you, we're keeping an eye on the blog, member chatter, and the forums. To be honest, it hasn't always been an easy read. Given the level of vitriol from a few of our members, some supporters have asked why we keep the negative comments on the site. After all, it would be easy enough to disallow comments and be done with it. That's what some organizations might do.  But we're not that kind of organization. There is strength in a community that allows dissent and criticism. But when criticism deteriorates into harassment, disrespect, and general meanness, the community suffers. Our Community Guidelines are intended to protect our community and the members who participate in it. While a single post may not violate the guidelines, excessive posting, repetition, or aggression makes constructive conversation impossible. Up until now, we haven't drawn the line, but going forward, we'll firmly insist that repeat offenders take that toxic matter elsewhere. There is value in hearing your concerns, listening to your frustrations, and learning from them. Over the past weeks, we've created blog Fact Checks to get people accurate information, added new FAQs, and reorganized portions of the website that members found confusing. Our weekly webinars with Executive Director Sara Horowitz have been helpful all around. We’re already at work on some good ideas that have come from them. Please continue to share your thoughts and concerns, but make sure to keep it constructive, and know we are listening.

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