Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver meets with freelancers

Aug 14, 2008

Wednesday night on the Lower East Side, NY State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver met with more than 160 members of Freelancers Union to talk about the issues that matter to us.

Sheldon Silver & freelancers

Topics that Assemblymember Silver addressed included health insurance, unemployment for freelancers, unpaid wages, and reform of the Unincorporated Business Tax. You can see more photos from the event after the jump. And if you want to hear about all the political activity that's going at Freelancers Union, make sure you're signed up for the Get Involved email list.

Janson Wagner

Mike Jansen, multimedia designer & Mark Wagner, translator

Mander Rimbaud

Gigi Mander, consultant & Michael Rimbaud, artist

Gray Daniels

Sandra Gray, writer/producer; Edwinia Daniels, apparel designer; & Frieda, fashion stylist

Schwartz McKennon

Erika Schwartz, marketing professional & Mark McKennon, location scout/manager

Ragsdale Orfanos Park

Devon Ragsdale, theater; Tom Orfanos, real estate; & Bo Park, public relations

D'Ambrosio Moseley

Eugenia D’Ambrosio, fitness trainer & Wayne Moseley, decorative painting


Erika Weber, acupuncturist & Torya Beard, events/music promotion


Annie Katzman, artist

yolan arlene

Marc Beallor, student & Yolan Barcher, graphic/embroidery design

Roberts Barcher

Arlene M. Roberts, speechwriter/op-ed contributor & Yolan Barcher, graphic & embroidery design

Ferran Jaffe

Rafael Ferran, teacher/artist & Gail Jaffe, jewelry designer