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Marketing smallness

Best Practices blog has a great post about "We vs. I." Clay Mabbitt, the proprietor, writes about how when he started his business, he always used the first-person plural. But now that he's established, he emphasizes "I" in everything he says. He's recognized the advantage of the personal touch, and he writes,

"My customers aren’t dealing with a giant organization that has complex processes and bureaucratic hoops to jump through. (Isn’t that what I was trying to get away from when I struck out on my own?)"

It's a good reminder that, as a freelancer, you can offer your clients a level of personal attention that they can't get elsewhere. Amy Deneson of Boss of One tackled a similar issue in one of her blog posts, entitled, "Where's Your Office?"

"What do you mean, where is my office? It is my cell phone and my laptop. I am my office."

She goes on to point out that, as a marketing professional, her clients should want her out pounding the pavement and making connections, not tethered to a landline. Do you feel like being an independent worker gives you advantages in terms of nimbleness and customized service for clients? Have you turned what might have been a liability into an asset? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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