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Planning for unpleasant eventualities

Life and disability insurance and wills are things most of us don't like to think about--they're too potent a reminder of our own mortality. In the New York Times business section, a freelancer shares her perspective on these issues. M. P. Dunleavey and her husband have a child, making it particularly important that they have life and disability insurance. As one financial advisor tells her, she is "many times more likely to become permanently disabled before age 65" than to use her life insurance policy. (The author gets disability coverage through Freelancers Union.) Especially with a child, a mortgage, or other other ongoing expenses, it's important to have disability insurance.  Having health coverage is crucial, of course, in the event that you're injured or get sick.  But disability insurance ensures you'll be able to keep paying your health insurance premium, and maintain coverage, even if your income is interrupted.

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