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Adults stay on their parents' health plans longer

A recent AP article notes the trend of states extending the age of dependent coverage into the mid-to-late twenties. While the post-college-age adults that these changes affect could hardly be called "children," some are finding it easier to get health insurance through their parents than on their own or through a job. As one policy analyst quoted in the article puts it, "When you are a new entrant to the labor force, you're more likely to be employed by companies that don't offer coverage." 17 states have enacted changes in the past two years, according to the AP, with new age limits ranging from 24 to 30 (the latter in New Jersey). While this tactic may result in increased health insurance enrollment, which is a good thing, it's just a bandage on a bigger problem. Clearly, there needs to be a new way to get people covered when they don't have access to insurance through their jobs--and that's true no matter what age workers are.

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