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Scott Stringer mentions Freelancers Union in State of the Borough speech

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer gave Freelancers Union a shout-out in his State of the Borough address on Monday. Said Stringer,

New Yorkers are increasingly self-employed. In the past 30 years, 700,000 jobs have been added to New York’s employment base. And fully two-thirds of those jobs are the product of self-employment. In the words of Sara Horowitz, head of the Freelancers Union, who does a terrific job of representing this work force, these are the people who “give New York its special sauce.â€? They are the graphic designers; the artists; the entertainers; the computer software gurus; and the creative people who work in advertising and media.

Last summer, Borough President Stringer met with a group of Freelancers Union members for a candid discussion of the ways that Manhattan is a great place for independent workers, and the ways it could be better. There are clips available on YouTube.

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