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A guide to union printing

If you've ever seen a Working Today business card or printed letterhead or envelope, you may have noticed the union "bug" somewhere on it. That means that the print-shop used is a member of the International Allied Printing Trades Council. (Since Working Today - Freelancers Union is a labor organization, we like to support union printers.) It's easy to find a super-cheap online source for printing your business cards. But we wanted to give you some helpful information in case you'd rather use a union printer. The Allied Label website has a state-by-state directory of union printers, so you can find and support a local business. You can refine your search here. There's also a search feature on the Graphic Communications Council website, incorporating both GCIU shops and Allied shops. And if you still just want to order business cards online, that's no problem: Union Button & Badge, which prints cards for all the major unions, ships free within the continental U.S. For other union-made and -printed goods online, including signs and T-shirts, there's UnionStuff and Tigereye Design. Right: Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press.

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