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Entrepreneur profile: a multifaceted career

Last week's New York Times small business section had a profile of a startup consumer-goods company. What interested us is the way the founder is keeping her professional life diversified. An online marketing consultant by trade, Tina Ericson is maintaining her freelance consulting business while working on her startup. According to the Times, "This month, she plans to sign a partnership agreement with two and perhaps three people to create a company called Shout Option Marketing to do consulting for the financial sector." By partnering with other independent contractors--a copyeditor, a designer--Ericson will be able to offer clients full-service, start-to-finish web positioning. Anecdotally, we believe that freelancers working together on multiple projects is a fairly common practice. Have you found yourself developing longer-term relationships with other freelancers? (One good place to look if you want to find people to work with: the Freelancers Yellow Pages.)

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