Self-promotion for introverts

Aug 22, 2007

Marci Alboher's New York Times column on entrepreneurship today features solutions to an especially uncomfortable problem for some independent workers: how to promote yourself and your business if you're less than outgoing. For introverts, this particular aspect of freelancing can be trying. Some of Alboher's tips:

  • If you don't like to talk yourself up, try doing it in writing
  • Create a portfolio not just of your work, but of thank-you letters or customer testimonials
  • Work on your presenation skills in general: gestures, eye contact, etc.
    And, of course, the most painless way to promote yourself is to have others do it for you. Make it easy for satisfied customers to recommend you to their friends, by giving them extra business cards, having a memorable website, or offering a discount or rewards for referrals.