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Member of the week: Elizabeth!, trombonist

Our member of the week is Elizabeth! (that's her stage name), a trombonist and vocalist in styles ranging from jazz to reggae. Like many freelancers, Elizabeth Dotson-Westphalen has a diverse background: she studied psychology and neuroscience at Harvard, has worked at a number of tech companies, and also does web design. Now, though, Elizabeth mostly pursues her career as a musician--and in addition to performing, she records, composes, and arranges music. On Elizabeth's website, you can listen to sound clips of her performing. To learn more about her work and her life as a freelancer, check out Elizabeth's Yellow Pages profile and read our interview with her below.

MOW Elizabeth

1. What has been your most interesting project? It's hard to say! Things get more and more strange... lately I've been playing trombone while walking on stilts with the Shinbone Alley Stilt Band. Little kids ask us how we get so tall, and it's a real joy to see their awe-struck faces! 2. Why did you decide to go freelance? I wanted to be able to be involved in many different types of projects, and to meet lots of different people. 3. What tip would you give to a new freelancer or someone who is considering going freelance? Keep good records! 4. What is your favorite spot in the city in which you live? Especially at this time of year, Brooklyn to me equals the Red Hook public pool. It's so refreshing to jump into the water and instantly become a kid again. ** 5. What is your inspiration?** The potential for human collaboration and creativity. I like to watch and listen to people for the ways in which we relate to each other. We are so stupid some times, and other times so wise.

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