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There's a whole galaxy of fun-to-read blogs out there crossing over the topics of freelancing,  entrepreneurship, managing nontraditional careers, productivity, and technology. These constitute a kind of community media of the changing workforce; most of the blogs are written by folks who are motivated and committed to freelancing and whose livelihoods depend on offering useful services and information for the way people work now.  One of the biggest blogs on freelancing, FreelanceSwitch, (which tends to be mostly geared to designers) is now joining a new network called LifeRemix which contains stellar examples of all the types of blogs above and more tips than a pencil factory. (Warning, reading these may feel useful and/or inspiring but actually counts as taking a break!) Here's 10 free or cheap ways to market your freelance work; a huge list of freelancing job sites10 essential work habits for freelancers; and 101 ideas to get new work and leads.

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