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How to Find New Work

Last week I met up for coffee with a friend from college on a mission to pick my brain. He's a radio journalist conducting an unusually thorough search for new work. He came to New York City for a week from his home in Texas and got in touch with all his personal and professional contacts in the area through Facebook, LinkedIn, and email. He sent each of them an updated resume and a list of publications and outlets where he wants introductions and job leads. He cold-called places himself and asked his contacts to make personal introductions until he had a packed schedule of networking meetings and informational interviews. I was really impressed with his diligence; it inspired me to stick my neck out a bit more looking for new freelance assignments. The fact that we actually met up and drank coffee also reminded me that despite the lovely speed and anonymity here on the Internet, face to face is the best way to cultivate networks and find new work.

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