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The Workplace of the Future

I'm at a business conference on the "Net Generation" , speaking tomorrow on a panel titled "The Workplace of the Future." One of the points I plan to make is that young people don't necessarily expect to have a workplace that is a physical space at all. Many of the other conference presenters have been telling the corporate leaders here that younger workers want to be entrepreneurial, flexible, and independent, and managers have to figure out how to offer that experience within the framework of a big company if they want to attract the best employees. I often think about the double edge of words like "independent" and "flexible." I think what most people really want is the best of both worlds: jobs that offer security where it counts as well as control over time and duties. (High demand and low control jobs are found to be the most stressful). Meanwhile, employers it seems want the maximum performance and loyalty from employees at the minimum cost. On a related note, coworking isn't just for bohemians and geeks anymore. Here's an article about Stamford Coworking, a coworking club of marketing, PR people and entrepreneurs in the Stamford, CT Marriott.

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