Freelancers Union in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Jun 21, 2007

From the 6/21 Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"What these folks are doing makes a lot of sense," said Jared Bernstein, senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute, a pro-union think tank in Washington. "No way can you stand around and wait for Congress to work this out. People have real health care needs today, and the employer-based system is slowly unraveling," he said. While traditional unions have provided collective bargaining and purchasing power for decades, Bernstein said it's a relatively new concept for "quasi-union" groups like the Freelancers Union. They can provide group-purchasing power for freelancers who "probably don't have a lot of say about working conditions, standards and far less likely to have fringe benefits like health care and pensions. "So they're able to get better prices than the individual market."