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Preparing for retirement--or putting it off

The retirement age, after falling for decades, is on the rise. The reasons? According to the Baltimore Sun: increased lifespans, the desire to keep employer-sponsored health insurance, and the prevalance of divorce. (The last of these has been dubbed "the great destroyer of wealth.") The Sun reports on two new studies from the Brookings Institution and the National Institute on Aging, and despite a list of conclusions that amounts to financial necessity, there are older workers who are delaying retirement because they like what they do. Our concern, of course, is that the factors listed--saving enough for a long life and a desire to keep one's health insurance--will have an outsize impact on freelancers. Most freelancers aren't saving enough for retirement, according to our survey last year, and it's a given that they're paying for their own insurance. Does being a freelancer make you more concerned about retirement? Or do you like being an independent worker so much that you anticipate wanting to work longer than a traditional employee does? Or maybe you're even doing better for yourself financially than you would as an employee, and you feel like you're on the road to timely retirement. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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