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Member of the week: Matthew Canale, Animator

Our member of the week is Matthew Canale. With a BFA in fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design, Matthew is now working as a freelance animator. With his most recent project, Matthew is working with the band They Might Be Giants on a DVD for children. In his spare time, Matthew enjoys biking (he biked across the United States last summer). His website has some fantastic examples of his work, as well as pictures from his cross-country bike trip. Check out the interview below and Matt’s profile to learn more about his experience as a new freelancer.


1. What has been your most interesting project?

Right now I'm working on a DVD that's being made by They Might Be Giants. The DVD is called “Here comes the 1,2,3's.â€? It’s an educational video for kids with music by the band and each song is animated by various artists. I sent the band an email and they got back to me and I'm really excited to work with them.

**2. Why did you decide to go freelance? **

Well I was trying to find a full time job. After getting out of school I thought that was what I was suppose to be doing. After some searching I started getting small jobs and realized that once I started getting the word out that I would be able to make a living by just freelancing.

3. What tip would you give to a new freelancer or someone who is considering going freelance?

Well I'm just out of school so I can't give that much advice but what I've learned so far is just to keep persisting. A lot of people didn't respond to my emails at first but I followed up and called to see what was going on. Sometimes nothing happened but a good amount of the time it led to some meetings and some freelance gigs. Don't get discouraged!

4. What is your favorite spot in the city in which you live?

Once again I don't have much experience being that I just moved here 3 months ago but I play ultimate when I can at Prospect Park.

5. What is your inspiration?

I guess it just comes from the need to create something.

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