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City Council hears freelancers!

Freelancers Union thanks Comptroller Bill Thompson (left), Councilmember David Yassky (right), and Finance Commissioner Martha Stark for their participation in today's hearing on the independent workforce. Comptroller Thompson's compelling testimony, which opened the proceedings, was based on the findings of his office's recent report on independent workers in the City. Commissioner Stark provided thoughtful analysis of the budgetary implications of reducing the tax burden on freelancers. In addition to the dozens of members of Freelancers Union who braved the rainstorm to show their support at the hearing, five more had the opportunity to testify and share their stories with the City Council. David Landis, April Greenberg, Abbe Eckstein, David Conroy, and Caron Atlas all depicted the struggles of independent workers and the contributions they make to the City. It felt great to realize that our City's leaders, David Yassky and Bill Thompson chief among them, have now really heard the concerns of freelancers. More to come on the hearing soon--including video clips!

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