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Everyone wants to talk about national health care

Whether you're a politician, a corporate executive, or a freelancer, chances are you want to talk about health care. On NPR's Morning Edition today, an interview with a permalancer shed light on the (unsurprising to us) fact that there are full-time workers in this country without healthcare. On the subject of the next election, James Calhoun, a web designer, "says he will cast his vote based in large part on what the presidential candidates have to say about healthcare, and how to reform the system." And last week, the Times focused on the new, very loud voices in the health care conversation: "with their medical costs ballooning, top executives of large companies are starting to speak up." The article concludes that there's no consensus, of course, but the difference is that this time around (as opposed to during the Clinton-era debate), corporations feel like this is an issue that touches them.

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